Best Bread Machine – Yeast Bread Recipes

Best Bread Machine - Yeast Bread RecipesSometimes, we get letters in our Best Bread Machine mailbox asking us why yeast is one of the main ingredients in making bread. The answer to that question is simple really; it’s the yeast that makes the bread expand, and without it, the final outcome will just be flat. In fact, yeasts are supposed to be alive when you put them in your bread recipes; otherwise, it will be as if you didn’t put any yeast in the mixture at all. So be careful with it. Please don’t kill it!

This video doesn’t really show how a yeast bread is baked in a bread maker. What it shows us, is that making such a simple recipe can really be tedious if you do it manually. Aside from mixing the ingredients yourself, you also need to knead it and watch over it. Whereas, if you have a breadmaker, you can simply toss all the ingredients in the unit and just wait for the bread to get done.

We urge you to watch the video to fully understand what we mean. It’s actually a very useful vid whether you choose to make a yeast bread in a bread making appliance or in an oven; so you really have nothing to lose. It’s just that Best Bread Machine thinks it would be easier to make yeast bread recipes in a bread maker.

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