Best Bread Machine Watches as Dough Rises in a Bread Machine

Best Bread Machine Watches as Dough Rises in a Bread MachineThis is a really scary video and the Best Bread Machine Girls were almost screaming near the end. You see, the one who made the video made an experiment with their breadmaker. He or she thought it was a good idea to double the ingredients in a pizza dough recipe. And the result? Well, you’ll have to see the video.

Go ahead and watch it, and you’ll see what we mean. Maybe, like us, you’ll feel like you’re watching a horror movie. This “short film” really terrified us as we are lovers of the bread maker. We love it and we respect it; and we will never abuse it.

Never ever attempt to repeat what you see in the video. Doubling the ingredients required of a particular recipe and not following the instructions that accompany the unit is truly detrimental. It will overload the appliance and probably damage it. We were just glad that we didn’t see any explosion whatsoever (or maybe it was cut from the video?).

This is a really disturbing vid and it will probably give us nightmares for a long time. Even the music is kind of scary. Best Bread Machine Reviews feels sorry for the Sunbeam bread maker.

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