Best Bread Machine Wants Some Raisin Bread!

Best Bread Machine Wants Some Raisin Bread!This is a really good video of a homemade bread recipe and Best Bread Machine enjoyed watching it so much! In fact, we made our own raisin bread right after watching this and we even added some almonds in our version of the bread.

If you are new to making homemade bread using your bread maker, then this video will prove to be very helpful. It starts off by showing you how the ingredients are “assembled” into the baking pan and you will find that it’s really very easy. Yes, it’s as simple as putting the ingredients in; you don’t even need to mix them up with a spoon or anything. Just put them inside the pan one by one, following the order in the recipe. And that’s it, the appliance will take care of the rest.

The lady in the video also shows us how the raisins are added when the time is right (the unit gives a beep as a signal to put in delicate ingredients). And when the bread is done, she sliced it right in front of the camera. You can tell by the look of the bread that it’s soft and tasty.

Best Bread Machine Reviews liked our version of the bread too, and we thank the lady in the video for inspiring us!

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