Best Bread Machine Shows You How to Make a Banana Bread

Best Bread Machine Shows You How to Make a Banana BreadOne of the members of the Best Bread Machine team found a really good banana bread recipe that can be done in a bread maker. See the video with us as this is not just an ordinary banana bread. The guy in the video included some chocolate chips in the recipe too. Yummy!

It’s a very informative vid as the guy started with the preparation of the ingredients, and he showed his audience how these are all placed inside the unit’s baking pan. And he knows what he’s doing, obviously (probably a big fan of breadmakers too, like us!). He even reminds us that since a banana bread is a “Quick Bread”, it really doesn’t matter how you put in the ingredients. Liquid first, dry first, whatever. Anything goes with a quick bread and it has its own program setting too (yes, the program is called: Quick Bread).

The guy in the video is a lot like the BBM Girls when making our banana bread. We, too, like lots and lots of bananas. So if the recipe calls for 3, we usually add around 2 pieces more too. It simply makes the bread tastier. And Best Bread Machine Reviews always likes the end results of our bread too, so we urge you to try out the same recipe on your own appliance. It’s really good!

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