Best Bread Machine Reviews the Sanyo Gopan SPM-RB1000 Premium Bread Machine

Owning the Gopan SPM-RB1000 is one of our dreams here at Best Bread Machine. Why? Simply because it’s the ONLY bread maker that can make rice bread from scratch. And this is a patented design, so no other brands and models can copy it.

As the rice grinding process alone can be time consuming, it helps a lot that this is already built-in into the system. With the Sanyo Gopan, you no longer need to buy a separate kitchen appliance for that single purpose and crowd up your kitchen too. This unit also has an automatic dispenser for the yeast, rice powder, fruits, and nuts.

Best Bread Machine Reviews the Sanyo Gopan SPM-RB1000 Premium Bread Machine

Sanyo Gopan SPM-RB1000 Bread Machine Reviews

“I’ve only had Gopan SPM-RB1000 for a couple of days. Our Japanese pal helps us in translating the basic instructions, as well as the recipes for the gluten-free rice bread. The basic settings are easy to understand. And since there are measuring cups and measuring spoons included in the package, it was easy to start right away.” – Brooke,

“There’s no American version of this product yet, so we’ll have to get used to this for now. You MUST get a transformer to use it or you will damage it. This is a great investment, so take care of it.” Emichan,

Sanyo Gopan Customer Reviews

Sanyo Gopan SPM-RB1000 Key Features

  • Mill Motor Power – It is equipped with a 450-watt milling motor.
  • Heater Power – It comes with 300 watts motor for the heater.
  • Kneading Motor Power – This model works on 100/120-watt motor power.
  • 13-Hour Timer – You can choose to set the time of operation up to 13 hours.
  • Recipes Included – Best Bread Machine notes that it comes with easy-to-prepare recipes.

Sanyo Gopan Bread Maker - Red

Sanyo Gopan Bread Machine Premium SPM-RB1000 Specifications

Brand: Gopan

Model: SPM-RB1000

Product Dimensions: 13.94 x 10.95 x 15.24 inches

Product Weight: Approximately 22 pounds

Gluten Free Bread

The Importance of Using the Correct Measurements

As this model is made in Japan, we would like to inform you that you would be seeing grams as the standard measurement for this unit. We suggest buying a digital scale for the purpose of measuring ingredients accurately as a slight mistake can prove to be disastrous when baking bread in the Gopan (it won’t come out right).

The Gold Canister

There’s a gold canister inside the machine and you will use this in grinding rice. We would really like to make gluten-free recipes in this breadmaker!

Fresh Bread Recipes

The Metal Canister

Yes, there’s a metal canister too. And this is used for the rice flour (white). According to our research, it would be better to just put in around 70 grams of flour even if the recipe calls for 80 grams. We found out that using too much flour can result in a very thick (and not quite soft) bread.

Adjust the Yeast Measurements Too…

Another one of our studies revealed that it’s better to put in 6 grams of yeast instead of 5 grams as this provides for better results. It would also help if you can mix the ingredients manually before putting this in the bread machine (just mix it up a little with chopsticks).

Pizza Dough

What Makes the Gopan Premium SPM-RB1000 so Different?

Now listen to us as this is very important. We discovered that this is the ONLY BREADMAKER that actually grinds rice in its chambers. You can therefore use YOUR OWN flour when making recipes. Simply amazing, huh?

Is it Expensive?

Yes, it’s very expensive especially when you compare it to US-made products. This is made in Japan, so shipping can really cost a lot. And the red model is even more expensive as it costs around 3 times more than the white model.

Best Bread Maker Ratings

This model of bread maker has a perfect rating at the Amazon site. Yes, 5 stars out of a perfect 5. Two customers have left their feedback on said site and they found it to be PERFECT.

Sanyo Gopan Breadmaker


  • Thorough Instructions – If you know Japanese, then you will find that the instructions here are very thorough.
  • Great results – Your recipes will surely taste great when you use your own ingredients and even grind your own rice for the flour.
  • Simple machine – Basically, all you need to do is put in the ingredients in the bread pan, press a couple of buttons to customize the settings, and you’re done. The bread maker takes charge from then on.


  • Quite expensive – This is made in Japan and it has a patented design that can’t be found in other units.

How to Make Bread

Our Recommendation

If grinding your own rice for the flour in your bread recipes is that important to you, then this Sanyo Gopan is the one to turn to. It also makes great gluten-free bread aside from basic, wheat, and French bread. And like other models of breadmakers, it can also make pizza dough, cakes, jams, meatloaf, and more. If you can afford it, then Best Bread Machine says buy it!

Sanyo Gopan Review

Sanyo Gopan Bread Maker Price

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