Best Bread Machine Reviews the Panasonic SD-RD250 Bread Maker

As huge fans of Panasonic bread makers, Best Bread Machine decided to check out the SD-RD250 model since this is one of their bestselling items to date. It can provide you with 2 sizes of loaves, and you can make use of the 5 baking modes in making different types of recipes too.

It also helps that this model is equipped with a fruit and nut dispenser. This way, you can also make raisin bread, sunflower bread, and other types of specialty bread aside from the typical basic white and whole wheat recipes.

Best Bread Machine Reviews the Panasonic SD-RD250 Bread Maker

Panasonic SD-RD250 Bread Machine Reviews

“WOW! No more laborious tasks of mixing, kneading, leaving to make it rise, and then kneading again before you can bake bread. This unit allows for time management and it makes delicious bread too.” – Sophia Hernandez,

“It takes very little counter space, half the size of my old breadmaker. But then, the baking pan is larger than my old unit. So with this model, I get more bread and less of the machine. It’s a great product.” – Steve Ruskin,

“I got this machine about a week ago because of all the positive reviews. I would give it more than a 5-star rating if that was possible. It’s SO easy to use, easy to clean, and the bread machine recipes that came with it are very useful.” – Patricia E. Ross,

Panasonic Bread Machine SD-RD250 Customer Reviews

Panasonic SD-RD250 Breadmaker Key Features

  • Microprocessor Controlled – This technology allows for even baking as there are no hot spots.
  • Fruit and Nut Dispenser – There’s an automatic dispenser for the additional ingredients that you want to put in your recipes.
  • Non-Stick Bread Pan – Finished bread slides off easily, and the pan itself is easy to clean too.
  • 2 Loaf Sizes – You can opt for the Medium or Extra-Large Setting. Best Bread Machine discovered that the medium setting can produce a 1-pound bread and the XL setting produces a 2-pound size loaf of bread.
  • Five Baking Modes – This model has 5 programs to choose from: Basic and French, Pizza and Pasta dough, and Bake Only for making cake recipes.
  • Large LCD Display – You can easily read the display panel and monitor the baking progress.
  • 2 Crust Settings – Best Bread Machine discovered that you can choose from 2 crust shades, light or dark.
  • 13-Hour Timer – You can use the timer to delay the baking process.

Best Bread Machine Reviews

Panasonic SD-RD250 Specifications

Brand: Panasonic

Model: SD-RD250

Product Dimensions: 12.8 x 11.1 x 14.5 inches

Product Weight: Approximately 15 pounds

Panasonic Bread Machine SD-RD250 Warranty

It comes with a 1-year limited time warranty.

Panasonic Bread Machine

Very User-Friendly

The steps involved in using this breadmaker are really simple, and we can talk you right through it. The first thing that you need to do is put all the ingredients inside the baking pan in the order that the recipe calls for it. Most of the time, it’s liquid ingredients first before the dry ingredients. After that, just close the lid and choose the appropriate settings (size, crust shade, baking mode). And that’s it, you just need to wait for the finished bread (or cake, or dough, or… well, you get the point).

Panasonic Bread Maker SD-RD250

Bread or Dough

Basically, you can make, bread, cakes and dough mixtures in this versatile machine. Basic and white bread can be made with just a push of a button, and you can make dough for your homemade pizza and pasta too. Recipes like banana bread (one of the favorite breads here) and those cakes that come in ready-made mixes can be prepared in the Bake Only mode.

Panasonic Bread Maker Review

Customizable Results Right at Your Fingertips

Aside from the size of the bread, you can also choose the crust shade. This will allow you to vary the results of your recipes to cater to the different needs of your family.

Bread Maker Reviews

No Viewing Window? But It’s Really Not a Problem…

This model of breadmaker doesn’t have a viewing window. We have observed that most of Panasonic’s bread makers don’t have viewing windows for the simple reason that it provides for a more even distribution of heat inside the baking chamber. For this reason, the finished goods come out with even crust and even texture. It’s a fair trade off if you ask us.

Best Bread Maker

Best Bread Maker Ratings

The Panasonic SD-RD250 currently has a 4.3 rating (out of 5) at the Amazon site. Over 70 customers have left their feedback, and a great majority gave this model a 5-star rating.

Panasonic SD-RD250


  • Versatile – You can make homemade bread as well as dough on this unit.
  • Customizable Results – The size, crust shade, and flavor can be customized according to your taste.
  • Easy to Use – Now you can make different types of baked recipes without manually mixing and kneading them.
  • Easy to Clean – The non-stick pan can be easily rinsed with mild soap and water.
  • There’s a Timer – You can program the machine in advance so that you can wake up to freshly baked bread.


  • No Viewing Window – While it can be quite disappointing that you can’t peep into your bread while it’s baking, this will result in a fluffier and even-crusted bread.

Homemade Bread

Our Recommendation

We are recommending this model of breadmaker to individuals and families that require 1-pound (medium) and 2-pound (extra large) loaves of bread. Those are the only sizes that this model can provide for. Note too, that it only has 2 crust shade options, light and dark.

We like the overall efficiency of the Panasonic Bread Machine SD-RD250 model, and a lot of consumers are happy with its performance too. It really is an intelligent machine, as it can make simple types of bread (basic, whole wheat, French) as well as specialty bread recipes like banana bread, tea bread and cinnamon-raisin bread. And it can make cakes and pasta/ pizza dough too. Best Bread Machine thinks that you’ll be making a wise investment by getting this particular breadmaker.

Panasonic Breadmaker SD-RD250 Review

Panasonic SD-RD250 Price

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