Best Bread Machine Reviews the Oster 5838 ExpressBake Breadmaker

We at Best Bread Machine (BBM) are always looking at our mail to see if our readers are searching for a particular type or model of bread maker. This time, we are catering to the request of a few BBM friends who are looking for units that can bake bread fast, really fast. The Oster 5838 ExpressBake Breadmaker fits the bill exactly as it can make a 2-pound loaf of bread in less than 1 hour.

The Oster 5838 also gives you the option of making a 1.5-pound of bread if you think that a 2-pound loaf is too big for you. And you’ll be glad to know that it also comes with a rectangular shaped pan that will yield a normal shaped bread (like those you buy in stores). It has 8 cycle settings too, so you can make a lot of different recipes with this unit.

Best Bread Machine Reviews the Oster 5838 ExpressBake Breadmaker

Oster 5838 Bread Machine Reviews

“I have had this bread maker for over 5 years now, and there is absolutely no reason for me to get another 1. I also like that the finished bread comes out looking like a real loaf of bread and not some vertical shaped stuff. This unit is very reliable.” – Keith Daly,

“This is the first breadmaker that I have ever bought. I have no problems with it and the manual is well-written and easy to understand. It will allow you to make recipes in no time at all. There are 3 crust shade settings and 1-touch button controls (French, whole wheat, basic, etc.) I’ve already made a lot of recipes with this unit; homemade and also store-bought bread machine mixes. The bread always comes out perfect.” – Phil,

“I have had this appliance for about 2 weeks now and I’ve tried different recipes from the book that came with the unit. They are all very delicious. I followed all the recipes as they were written in the cookbook and I didn’t encounter any problem.” – Liberty Belle,

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Oster 5838 ExpressBake Breadmaker Key Features

  • 2 Loaf Sizes – It can make a 1.5-pound or 2-pound loaf of bread.
  • 8 Cycle Settings – You can make a wide variety of bread and dough recipes using the pre-programmed settings.
  • Express Bake System – Regular cycle bakes bread in less than an hour.
  • 13-Hour Timer – You can set the timer up to 13 hours to delay the time of baking.
  • Keep Warm – It automatically keeps your bread warm for 1 hour.
  • Non-Stick Bread Pan and Paddles – Best Bread Machine notes that the pan and paddle are nonstick which makes it easy to remove the finished bread from the baking pan.

Oster 5838 Bread Maker

Oster 5838 Bread Maker Specifications

Brand: Oster

Model: 5838

Product Dimensions: 15.6 x 12.5 x 12.3 inches

Product Weight: Approximately 12 pounds

Oster Baking Pan

Oster Bread Machine 5838 Warranty

Oster backs this unit up with a 1-year warranty.

Bread Machine Bread

It’s Really Really Fast!

We have seen almost all kinds of bread makers; but it’s very seldom that we find units that can bake bread in less than an hour in its regular setting. Most of the time, it takes about 3 hours. So this model is great for those people who are always in a hurry with their bread or who are simply short on patience (like one of our staff here – she refuses to be named, sorry).

It Comes with Recipes

You will get some recipes when you buy this model of breadmaker. However, you might find the recipes quite limiting as there are only a few. This reviewer therefore recommends buying a cookbook or downloading free recipes on the internet.


Is the Keep Warm Mode Good or Bad?

Let’s see. This model is incorporated with a Keep Warm mode and it automatically keeps your bread warm after the baking cycle. In a way, it’s a good thing because we like our bread warm when we eat it, right? But then, we would like to warn you that the additional 1 hour in the baking chamber can make the bread dry and hard. In fact, there were some consumers who referred to their bread as a “brick” because it was no longer eatable. We suggest taking the bread out of the machine as soon as it’s done.

Collapsing Bread Issues

There are quite a number of reports from customers experiencing collapsing bread in this model of bread maker. This reviewer knows her way in the kitchen; and therefore suggests decreasing the amount of yeast in the recipes. That often solves the collapsing problem with bread and other baked products. However, considering the number of consumers having the same problem, we are also considering the possibility of defective units.

Best Bread Maker Ratings

The Oster 5838 has a current rating of 3.7 out of a perfect 5 at the Amazon site. While this rating is not that bad, we are not really impressed by it. It may have garnered some 5 star ratings from consumers, but it also got some very low scores. And this goes to show that the machine is far from being perfect.

Oster Bread Maker Price


  • Fast Baking – It can make bread in as fast as 58 minutes.
  • Large Capacity – You can make a 2-pound loaf of bread with this unit.
  • Compact Design – It doesn’t take much space on the counter.
  • Easy to Use – Choosing the appropriate program or cycle for your recipes is easy as the control panel is user-friendly.
  • Presentable Results – The finished bread comes out looking great as this model uses a rectangular baking pan.
  • Useful Manual – The instructions are easy to follow.


  • Collapsing Issues – A number of consumers complained that their bread collapsed during the baking cycle.
  • Keep Warm Mode – The were some reports that the Keep Warm mode actually bakes the bread further, and can therefore result in dry and hardened bread.

Fresh Bread in the Morning

Our Recommendation

We really like the Oster 5838 because it bakes bread fast and it’s very affordable too. Those who gave it a high rating said that it works well and there were even reports of the unit lasting for at least 5 years.

However, because of the great number of negative feedback, we are recommending this model to our readers with reservations. It may be inexpensive, but it may not perform as well as we want it to. We suspect some quality control issues here. Best Bread Machine suggests thinking it over a hundred times before deciding on purchasing this breadmaker.

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Where Can I Buy Oster Bread Machine?

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