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Best Bread Machine Reviews the Emeril by T-fal OW5005001 3-Pound Automatic Baguette and Bread Maker

As some of our readers love baguettes, Best Bread Machine went on a hunt for a bread maker that’s especially made for this purpose. We found the Emeril OW50005001 by T-fal; and guess what, it can make baguettes as well as other bread recipes in three different sizes too. And this is one of the few models out there that’s capable of making up to 3 pounds of bread in one setting.

This unit produces a rectangular-shaped loaf, so you need not worry about your bread looking weird or funny. And since it has 14 programmable settings, you can also make the traditional loaf of bread as well as fruit jams, dough, cakes, and more. In fact, it even has Gluten Free and Salt Free settings.

Best Bread Machine Reviews the Emeril by T-fal OW5005001 3-Pound Automatic Baguette and Bread Maker

Emeril OW5005001 Bread Machine Reviews

“It certainly does every thing it says, and it does it really well too! I have already made cakes, baguettes, and loaves of bread in it!” – Shake n Baker, Amazon.com

“I have had it for almost a month now, and I’m very happy with it…it’s like a dream come true. It does a great job of kneading dough and it gives the best-textured breads I have ever eaten too.” – G. Allison, Amazon.com

“I bake bread week after week and I sometimes give loaves away too, so I looked for a big breadmaker. I chose this model for its capacity (3 pounds) and dual kneading-blade features. I’m very pleased with its performance so far. The two paddles are very powerful and they can really knead the dough thoroughly. I’m very happy with this. It’s the best bread machine in my book!” – Oklahoman Shopper, Amazon.com

Emeril by T-Fal Customer Reviews

Emeril by T-fal OW5005001 Key Features

  • 14 Settings – This model has 14 programmable cycles including Basic, Whole Wheat, Express, Sweet, Salt Free, Gluten Free, Baguette, Jam, Cake, Dough and more.
  • 3 Sizes – You can bake a 2-pound, 2.5-pound, or 3-pound loaf in this breadmaker. You also have the option of making 4 baguette loaves in 1 setting.
  • Control Panel – It has a digital touch pad control panel which is easy to operate.
  • Three Crust Settings – You can choose from light crust, medium dark crust, or dark crust.
  • Fifteen-Hour Delay Timer – You can use the timer if you want to delay the actual cooking process.
  • Keep Warm Mode – The Keep Warm feature will allow you to keep the bread warm in the baking chamber without cooking it any further.
  • Automatic Shut-Off – It shuts off automatically once the programmed cycle is completed.
  • Baguette Trays Included – The package includes baguette trays to help you get started with your first baguette recipes. A baker’s brush as well as a finishing blade are also included.
  • Recipes – It has some accompanying bread recipes too.

Emeril Bread Machine

Emeril OW5005001 Breadmaker Specifications

Brand: Emeril by T-fal

Model: OW5005001

Product Dimensions: 23 x 14 x 8 inches

Product Weight: Approximately 19 pounds

Emeril Bread Machine OW5005001 Warranty

The manufacturer backs this up with a 1-year warranty.

Best Bread Maker

Such a Versatile Bread Maker!

When we tried looking for a unit that can make great baguettes, we ended up with a unit that can do more than that. You see, this model can really make delicious baguettes, but it can also make Gluten Free recipes and even Salt Free recipes. And, it has a large capacity of 3 pounds too! All that and more, in a reasonably-priced breadmaker.

The Wonder of Having Two Paddles

As experts in the field of using bread makers, we can testify to the fact that a 2-paddled unit is better than a 1-paddled model. Why? It’s because the 2 paddles provide for a more efficient mixing and kneading. And this results in fluffier, softer, and even-textured recipes.

How to Make Bread

Where’s the Quick Bread Cycle?

You will not find a Quick cycle option in this unit. However, it has a Cake cycle program which works like the Quick cycle. You can therefore use this setting for quick breads and specialty recipes; and even those ready-made mixes that come in boxes.

No Bake Only Cycle?

Yes, unfortunately, this model doesn’t have the Bake Only cycle. Sourdough recipe is not an option with this unit.

Best Bread Maker Ratings

The Emeril 5005001 model has a current rating of 4.1 stars (out of 5) at Amazon. Almost 100 customers have left their feedback at the site so far; and as you can already tell, a majority of the reviewers like this product.

Emeril Bread Maker


  • It Stays in Place – The unit doesn’t vibrate too much.
  • Efficient Kneading – The 2 paddles allow for a thorough kneading of dough.
  • Size Options – You can choose to make 2, 2.5, and 3 pound loaves of bread.
  • Quiet – Unlike other units, this model does not have loud beeping sounds that can be very irritating.
  • Reasonably Priced – This appliance is very affordable.


  • Absence of Bake Only Cycle – It doesn’t carry a Bake Only program.

Gluten Free Bread

Our Recommendation

We are really impressed by this Emeril Bread Maker as it can make great tasting baguettes as well as other delicious recipes. It can also knead dough efficiently using its 2-paddle system, which also works great when making fruit jams and other similar recipes.

It is reasonably-priced and highly rated too; so that says a lot about the quality of the product in general. Best Bread Machine is giving this unit double thumbs up, and we recommend it to large families as it has a large capacity for making loaves of bread.

Emeril Breadmaker Price

Emeril Bread Machine Price

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