Best Bread Machine Looks at the Panasonic SD-257WXC in Silent Mode

Best Bread Machine Looks at the Panasonic SD-257WXC in Silent ModeThe girls from the Best Bread Machine team were making fun of this Panasonic bread machine SD-257WXC review video because it has no sounds. It reminded us of those Charlie Chaplin films back in the silent movie era, and one of us used to be obsessed with Charlie Chaplin (she won’t allow us to reveal her identity here for obvious reasons).

Anyway, as the video went on (it’s quite long, 10 minutes) we kind of stopped giggling and started to watch intently because it became really interesting. It all started with the unpacking of the product and the guy in the video even showed how it’s set up. And then he started baking bread. From putting the ingredients in to slicing the bread, it’s all here. And it’s amazing even without the sounds.

He baked basic white bread and whole wheat bread. And both came out looking light and fluffy and delicious! By this time, the BBM girls were already starting to get hungry. But we did manage to finish the very informative video.

If you’re planning to buy this model of bread maker, we suggest that you watch this video first. Just don’t imitate the guy in the video as he sliced the bread while it’s still hot. Have you ever seen a bread massacred? Watch the video. Well, maybe he’s just hungry. Best Bread Machine Reviews suggests letting the baked bread cool down a bit before slicing it so as not to damage/ kill it.

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