Best Bread Machine Looks at a Whole Wheat Bread Presentation

Best Bread Machine Looks at a Whole Wheat Bread PresentationIf you are curious about how to make a whole wheat bread in a bread machine, then you’re in luck as Best Bread Machine found a video demonstration of just that. You may have to sit for about 10 minutes to finish the vid, but we promise you that it’s helpful, informational, and not boring at all.

The video is quite long because the lady starts with the preparation of ingredients. And she even talks about freezing eggs. Now listen to this, as it’s actually interesting. She said that she buys eggs in bulk to save on money and then she freezes these in the freezer using ice cube trays. She then uses the eggs for cooking, baking, etc. Not really for breakfast, as the eggs look really weird when frozen for several days.

Back to baking the whole wheat bread, the result is really nice as you will see by the end of the video. She also has one of those breadmakers that have a removable kneading paddle so there’s no hole at the bottom of the finished bread.

We really like this video, but as far as the unit goes, Best Bread Machine really prefers those models that come with a horizontal baking pan. This way the loaf of bread would look more “normal”.

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