Best Bread Machine Invites You to Watch A Fluffy Bread Movie

Best Bread Machine Invites You to Watch A Fluffy Bread MovieWe are very picky with the videos we endorse, but Best Bread Machine likes this video so much that we are giving it 5 thumbs up (one thumb from each member of the group). Click on the vid and we’re sure you’re going to love it too.

This lady (Mandy is her name) shows us how to make a fluffy bread recipe from her bread maker. She starts off by giving a list of the ingredients; and she even listed this down on a large visual aid (it’s also shown at the end of the video, so don’t panic if you can’t read it).

You will see the step by step process of baking bread in the appliance. After putting in all the ingredients in the baking pan, Mandy puts it inside the chamber to start the kneading process. It takes a couple of hours to finish the whole baking process so the video is cut for a while until it’s time to see the bread.

And oh my, what a beautiful looking bread! We were just a little disappointed that she didn’t slice it. We would have liked to check on the texture of the bread. And Best Bread Machine Reviews is quite intrigued at the brand of the breadmaker too, as it has a very loud (read: irritating) beeping sound.

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