Best Bread Machine Gets Fascinated Again

Best Bread Machine Gets Fascinated AgainMaking breads simply fascinates us here at the Best Bread Machine headquarters. And in this video, this nice lady (Cora) shows us how to make a Cinnamon Raisin Bread recipe.

Cora pointed out that it’s important to follow the steps in a particular recipe. And if your breadmaker comes with its own recipe, you better stick with that for a while too. However, as you get more accustomed to using the unit, you can start experimenting with different recipes as you now have an idea how the ingredients work.

The general rule is to put the liquid ingredients first. This way the appliance will not have a difficult time with the mixing process as the kneading blade is positioned at the bottom of the pan. Those who make mistakes and put in the dry ingredients first seem to have similar results (lucky for them) but we really discourage this as it can put a strain on the machine’s motor.

We also noticed that Cora put in the raisins with the rest of the ingredients in one go. While it did produce a great result, we are also advising against this as it can crush the delicate ingredients. And that’s why having an automatic fruit dispenser is important too. Nevertheless, Best Bread Machine enjoyed watching the vid and we thank Cora for the useful tips she provided us.

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