Best Bread Machine – Do You Have to Use Bread Flour in Bread Machine?

Do You Have to Use Bread Flour in Bread Machine?Best Bread Machine always gets this question in our mailbox, “Do you have to use bread flour in bread machine?” So once and for all, we are going to answer it. And not just answer it but present you with proof (in the form of video) as well.

So here’s the answer. Technically, you don’t have to use bread flour when baking bread in a bread maker. BUT, that will really depend on the brand and model of your breadmaker. We therefore recommend that you refer to the user manual for any special instructions about the ingredients that can be used in your particular unit. Also, you might want to experiment on it. We do it all the time, actually; even if certain ingredients are not recommended, sometimes we give it a try. And sometimes, it works out too.

So anyway, for those people who are mainly concerned about the type of flour that they can use in their unit, here’s a really nice video that you can use as a reference. Not only does it answer the question, “Do you have to use bread flour in bread machine,” but it also shows you how easy and convenient it is to use this type of appliance. The guy in the video used all purpose flour, and he didn’t even have the proper measuring spoons. And yet, Best Bread Machine Reviews saw how beautiful (and seemingly tasty) the bread was.

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