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bbm2BEST BREAD MACHINE is a site that started out as a hobby. It is run by a group of 5 girl friends with one common goal: to search for the best bread maker that can deliver the best loaf of bread. Period.

But our mission statement has evolved since then, as we found out that a lot of brands and models of bread makers can actually provide for satisfying results. So now we have modified our motto by reviewing different types of bread machines instead.

BEST BREAD MACHINE comes to you in our most humble position. We are here to serve you by providing you with unbiased reviews and honest opinions about breadmakers. Yes, we will do all the hard work for you by researching and investigating on the most popular models of bread machines. And if possible, we even test them out so as to present you with fist hand information about their performance and overall functionality. Sometimes, we go over to our neighbor’s place when we find out that they have a newly bought bread maker. And sometimes we chip in so as to be able to give a bread machine to a common friend as a gift, so that we can test it out eventually. We are a smart group of girls as you can see.

bbm3In each review, we give the product either a thumbs up or a thumbs down. We certainly don’t want you to end up buying a bread machine that will not make you happy at all. We want you to have a satisfying experience with this innovative piece of kitchen gadget so that you can enjoy your bread, pastries, and other wonderful creations and delicious recipes with your family and loved ones.

What do we get from it? Buying from our humble BEST BREAD MACHINE site will indeed earn us a small commission on the sales, but it’s more than that. We’d like to think that we are making this world a better place by writing honest product reviews. False testimonies and dishonest reviews are just not our thing.

If you are looking for a particular brand or model of bread machine that can’t be found on our site, please let us know. And we will go out of our way to provide you with a detailed review of the product. Just fill up the CONTACT US form and check back often for our latest reviews and featured stories.bbm1

We would really appreciate your help in getting the word around – that the BBM girls are here to provide you with all your bread making needs. With the most honest reviews on the internet, you will undoubtedly end up with the best bread machine that fits your lifestyle and budget.

Best Regards,

The BBM Girls


The Best Bread Machine (BBM) Girls Are:

Michelle – Happily married and mother of two. She loves to cook and she loves to eat too. She is the most experimental of the five girls. She is always on the lookout for bread recipes on the internet so that she can try these on her own bread machine.

Jasmine – Recently married and waiting for their first child. She is Michelle’s student in cooking and baking. Her product reviews are almost always based on personal experience (sometimes good, sometimes bad).

Christine – A single mom. In spite of the hardships of raising a kid alone, she still manages to spend time with her girl friends. She bakes bread and writes product reviews on her spare time. And for some reason, she always ends her reviews with “I really like this one” or “I really hate this one.”

Stephanie – A single lady in her 40’s, she insists on waiting for her soulmate. She writes product reviews to pass the time. She and Rachelle are the dynamic duo of bread machine research – always on the lookout for bestsellers and controversial bread makers in the industry.

Rachelle – Another single lady in her 40’s, and as she says, “It’s by choice.” She and Stephanie may not be the best of cooks in the group, but their insights and opinions make up for it. Rachelle and Stephanie always team up when it comes to tasting the baked bread and goodies, judging each recipe’s appearance, texture, taste, and even smell. Rachelle always tests the end- product with one thing on her mind: is this the best bread machine?


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